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Gehrke Services

Gehrke Services

Nowadays, it is almost in common that you do a renovation before you go into an unsanished house or an unsantered apartment. Also, many would like to renovate their home or apartment after a few years. This can be for a variety of reasons. For example, you do not like the colour of your wall, the tiles or the laminate.

It can also come to problems to your heating, windows and doors, which we solve for you.

We are also responsible for renovations of any kind, and we will do our best to meet any customer requirements. We will renovate your complete house and will even completely refine it for a complete reconstruction. Also old building renovations are possible for us to leave your old building or your old apartment as new again at the request of your style.

Furthermore, we remove your wallpaper or paint it again, because we can also do any painting work for you. Also the painting of the ceilings or exterior walls is not a problem for us, for this typ of work we have our specialists at Gehrke services.

The plastering of the outer-and inner walls is also possible.

It is also possible to remove your old flooring and re-install new tiles, new laminate or parquet. Of course we can also grind and seal this for you.

Drywall construction is, of course, not a problem for us at all.

We would like to re-isolate your apartment or house, that it is protected and we also dry your cellars or wet walls for you.

That you do not sit in the cold, we also make a heating installation or a complete new installation of your heating system for you. Our specialists from Gehrke Services do not have any problems, either with water or sewage.

We also change your old doors or windows with our new doors which are made by our specialists.

However, if you would like to do something by yourself at your house, we are happy to build a scaffolding for you.

Many other renovations and as well painting works are also possible on request. 

For further questions for your renovation or similar, please contact us, Gehrke Services.


Gehrke Services








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